Affiliate Disclosure

Here at Hangry Gamer Gear we strive to be known as a business built on honesty and integrity. For that reason, it’s our duty to let all of our readers know that we are affiliated with some of the products and services mentioned on our website. We are part of the Amazon Associates Program, as well as other similar networks, which, upon referring a sale and/or lead, may compensate the owners of this website.

Basically what this means is that if you choose to click a link on our website and make a purchase on Amazon or other sites there is a possibility that we will receive monetary compensation for referring the sale. We implore our readers to understand that this does not, in any way, compromise the honesty of product reviews found on our website.

Regardless of whether or not we are affiliated with a product, we will ALWAYS provide a detailed and HONEST review that points out both the good and the bad. We hope you all understand this.