Best Gaming Desks for Xbox Enthusiasts

Having a gaming desk isn’t just a basic want these days, it’s basically become an essential part of any gamer’s complete setup. That being said, most of these desks are specifically tailored for use by PC gamers. So, what about console plebs?

Today, we’re going to focus on Xbox fans and reveal what we believe are the absolute best gaming desks for Xbox enthusiasts that want to deck out their gaming setup with equipment that is best suited for Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X platforms.

Best Gaming Desks for Xbox Fans

Finding a gaming desk that is well-suited for Xbox consoles isn’t too hard, thankfully. There aren’t really any out there that were specifically created with an Xbox in mind, but there are plenty of great desks out there that offer the perfect amount of space for your Xbox One/Series S/Series X, gaming TV or monitor, and much more.

The list below highlights what the Hangry Gamer Gear team believe are the best gaming desks for any Xbox console player, period.

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

Our first pick is also our favorite and what we are officially labeling the best gaming desk for Xbox gamers, PERIOD. The Arozzi Arena gaming desk is just… the most simple, yet perfect gaming desk available for Xbox fans (or almost any gamer for that matter).

If you’ve got the room for it – get this bad boy, seriously.

The desk measures a whopping 63 inches long by 32 inches wide giving you all the room you could possibly need for everything you need for your Xbox gaming setup.

It can fit 3 decent-size monitors, has room for a controller/headset holder, a rack of games, whatever equipment you need for streaming, and more.

The Arozzi Arena is available in 5 different colors: blue, red, green, black, and white. It’s also height-adjustable which is super convenient for making it suitable for your gaming chair and the amount of leg room you need under it.

If all that isn’t enough – well, it’s also a solid build that’s super sturdy, the entire desktop is covered with a water-resistant desk-mat (makes accidental spills a breeze to clean up), has a built-in cable management slots and a mesh basket to condense all your cords with.

Generally speaking, if you’re looking for an incredible gaming desk for Xbox use – it’s honestly pretty hard to beat this one.

If the best price is what you’re after, as well as awesome post-sale customer service, be sure to check out the price of the Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk and customer reviews on Amazon.

Homall 44-Inch Z-Shaped Gaming Desk

Next up is a more affordable option for those of you that want to find a good desk to use for your Xbox gaming setup, but want to keep to a tight budget.

At under $100 the Homall 44-inch Z-Shaped Gaming Desk is a top-tier choice for this price bracket. It has an excellent design, is well-made, offers a good amount of table space and even comes with a carbon fiber desk-top, attachable cup holder, and a gaming headset holder hook.

This particular model is available in a few different color schemes including black, red, grey, pink, and white.

If you need a bit more area to work with, well, you’re not SOL – this Homall gaming desk actually comes in not only a 44-inch variety, but, for a little bit more money, you can opt for either a 55-inch or 63-inch model as well.

Click here for pricing, to read real customer reviews, and to learn more about the Homall Z-Shaped Gaming Desk on Amazon.

Desino L-Shaped Gamer Workstation Desk

The third contender on our list of the best gaming desks for Xbox users is the spacious and corner-friendly Desino L-Shaped Gamer Workstation Desk.

This is another budget-friendly option and it’s definitely one to consider if you want to have enough room to not only have a great Xbox gaming setup, but also a laptop/PC, second monitor, or just plenty of space for your favorite gaming accessories or collectibles.

Priced around $150 (sometimes less if you can catch it on sale) it’s honestly not a bad desk at all. Most desks in this price range aren’t the most quality builds, but this particular Desino model has a great frame, is durable, and doesn’t wobble like some gaming desks do.

Color options are a bit limited with this one, though. The desk only comes in either black, grey, or white. Aside from that it’s an excellent choice for Xbox fans that want a solid gaming desk for their setup.

Click here to check current prices for this Desino gaming desk on Amazon.


Not too thrilled about any of our top 3 picks? Hey, no worries … there are PLENTY of desks out there to choose from.

A few others to consider are:

These include a variety of desks in different shapes, styles, and, yes, even a couple that feature built-in RGB or lighting systems for added awesomeness!

What to Look For in a Xbox Gaming Desk

What exactly makes a desk well-suited for an Xbox player? Well, the majority of it comes down to size (having enough space to house your console, TV or monitor, games, etc) and style.

The biggest factor to consider is obviously the amount of space. While you can keep your console ground-level under a desk, it’s not recommended.

So, you’ll want to find a desk with plenty of table-top space to comfortably fit your Xbox console, your gaming TV or monitor, games (if you keep hard copies), your controllers, your gaming headset, and, of course, have room for some awesome gaming desk accessories to give it that final personal touch.

The gaming desks mentioned above were chosen specifically for Xbox gamers that want a desk that meets the space-requirement criteria as well as standard expectations such as style, sturdiness, quality, and so on.

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