Xbox Series S Console Review [2022 Edition]

Project Lockhart was the code name for a console that would challenge the definition of what is next generation. An affordable, powerful, and feature-rich console designed to break through modern-day pricing barriers. It sounded like an absolute myth until one fine day Microsoft officially announced the Xbox Series S. Shocking practically everyone, Microsoft dared to … Read more

11 Most Expensive Video Games to Collect in the World

When it comes to video games nowadays they are much larger and more sophisticated than ever. We have game worlds that seem almost endless, graphics that make you question reality, video games for education, and video game characters based on Hollywood stars through motion-capture tech. But as game development costs rise, so do game prices. … Read more

Are WiFi Adapters Good for Gaming?

Gaming is so dramatically different to what it was 10 years ago. Even in the last year we’ve seen some incredible changes and new releases that have altered the landscape forever. It’s become an evolving platform with so many new developments it’s almost impossible to keep count. The choices available now in terms of genre, … Read more