HyperX Cloud Flight S Review: Win or Bust for the HyperX Brand?

HyperX is a household name in the PC space. Over the years, I’ve been fortunate enough to review and purchase many of their products. Whether it’s the awesome lineage of Kingston memory, their slick-looking Pudding Keycaps, or their bang-for-the-buck microphones- they’re my go-to when it comes to quality.

With respect to headsets, I’ve always been drawn to their emphasis on sound quality and durability. The HyperX Cloud products come in many variants and there are options for all manner of gamers. Not too long ago, I reviewed the HyperX Cloud Revolver 7.1, but today, I’ll be reviewing The HyperX Cloud Flight S + 7.1 wireless headset for PC and PS5. It’s the first Qi charging wireless headset from the company, and it’s about to rock your world. (Note: Qi wireless charger base is sold separately.)

HyperX Cloud Flight S Review

HyperX Cloud Flight S Headset Review

As you open the box, you notice the sleek signature premium packaging from HyperX. Once you slide open the sleeve and open the box, you’ll see the headset fully protected inside a plastic tray. You get the headset, an attachable mic, a 2.4 GHz wireless dongle, a micro USB charger, and all the necessary paperwork.

TO THE POINT: The Cloud Flight S is an excellent addition to the HyperX series of gaming headsets. It’s durable, lightweight, comfy to wear for extended gaming sessions, and the audio quality is superb at this price point. Our verdict? It gets our seal of approval with a rock-solid 8.5/10 rating.

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  • Crisp audio both for game and voice chat
  • Wireless charging
  • Sleek design
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Excellent battery life


  • Wireless charging base has to be purchased separately
  • No 3.5mm connection available
HyperX Cloud Flight S Model Headset on a Stand


Design-wise, the Cloud Flight S looks similar to the original Cloud Flight. The ear cup on the left has 4 tactile buttons to mute your mic, and balance the game and chat volume. You have a power button, a 7.1 Surround Sound button, a micro USB port (I really do wish they’d move to USB-C), and a port to plug in your mic.

On the right ear cup, you can adjust the master volume. You can also rest the left ear cup on the Qi charger base to recharge your headset. To top it off, the HyperX logo is embossed on the top of the headband with a premium glossy finish. And if that wasn’t enough -underneath the headband and ear cups, you have a layer of memory foam all covered in leather to provide that extra bit of comfort.


The Flight S has a strong steel slide to adjust the overall size. The ear cups also have a 90-degree turning rotation to rest the headset on your shoulders. This comes in clutch during multi-hour marathon sessions of gaming. Surprisingly, even with all these features, the headset is extremely light and at times, I don’t even realize that I have them on.

As a means of comparison, I find the headset a lot more comfortable than the Cloud Revolver 7.1. Even after some lengthy gaming sessions. I can also confirm that the headset offers exactly what it says on the box: a 30-hour battery life.

Audio Performance

As for the technical performance, I was very impressed with the audio quality of the headset. The frequency response goes from 10Hz–20kHz. You get deep lows and crystal clear highs to give you an all-round immersive experience. While playing Resident Evil: Village, the sound detail was rapidly increasing.

Gamer Using the HyperX Cloud Flight S Headset While Gaming

You can hear all the footsteps and all the spooky sounds in the background that you may possibly miss with lesser fidelity sets. I tried the 7.1 surround sound mode, and although it sounds decent, I personally prefer to play games in Stereo. The HyperX Cloud Flight S headset also helps with competitive online shooters and makes you well aware of your opponent’s whereabouts through some clever tuning and options.

Coming to voice, the detachable microphone is easy to manage as you can plug it in or out of the headset port. The quality on the mic isn’t perfect if you want to use it for recording or podcasting, but it’s a great option for game chat, Discord, or Team Speak. The mic also has noise-canceling, so it eliminates the unnecessary background sounds.

HyperX Cloud Flight S Review: Final Words

Lastly, let’s talk about the price, shall we? For $120, you’re getting a quality headset that’s light and extremely comfortable. The build quality is excellent and the sound is exceptional. It’s a great headset for console and PC gaming, and the Qi wireless charging is a huge convenience.

The 30-hour battery life alone makes this headset worth the purchase. I’ve used it for 3 weeks and it’s become my main headset for gaming and watching videos online. Now that I’m using the Cloud Flight S on a daily, it’ll be hard to go back to anything else.

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