What Keyboard Does TenZ Use? Cop the Same Model, Get the Same Results

TenZ is an immensely popular streamer and Valorant player for the Sentinels. This Canadian beast plays on the highest level in competitive esports and was previously a CSGO player for the Cloud9 team.

You didn’t come here for a biopic, though. You want to know the one piece of gear that TenZ uses that nearly everyone that follows the Sentinels in competitive Valorant – his keyboard.

What Keyboard Does TenZ Use?

Currently, TenZ utilizes the Xtrfy K5 COMPACT.

This is a mechanical keyboard that is 65% of a standard size, is equipped with hot-swap switches, and is easily one of the most customizable gaming keyboards around.

Xtrfy is just an incredibly solid brand in the mechanical gaming keyboard industry, period. The KS Compact is a versatile piece of gear. It’s smaller size makes it easier to handle and, of course, much easier to travel with as well.

You can get the exact same model that TenZ uses for around $140 on Amazon. It also features customizable RGB lighting and requires no additional software to customize it and set the macros you want.

Prior to getting a deal lined up with the Xtrfy brand, TenZ was known for using the HyperX Alloy Origins 60 keyboard. This is another compact mechanical-style keyboard.

This model is available for about half as much as the Xtrfy if you want to mimic TenZ’s setup without spending a ton of money.

Why Does TenZ Use Compact Gaming Keyboards?

A lot of people ask this. TenZ isn’t the only one doing this, but the main reason for the smaller keyboard design is because it lets you have your mouse closer to your keyboard while playing. This kind of setup requires a bit less effort and reduces fatigue on your hands and arms.

TenZ utilizes this method of playing while he’s dominating in Valorant.

TenZ officially signed to the Sentinels back in 2021 for a reported $1.2 million. A little known fact about him is that he was actually the very first player to hit the prestigious “Valorant” rank back when the game was still available in a closed beta.

Since then, TenZ has used his skills to help the Sentinels win 1st place in multiple tournaments. As of the most recent matches in 2022, TenZ is still using the Xtrfy K5 compact keyboard during gameplay.

You can keep up with TenZ, the gear he uses, and get to see him in action from time to time by following his Twitch account where he streams. In his livestreams you can clearly see the answer to the question of which gaming keyboard he uses. And if he ever decides to change it up, you can bet it’ll be listed on his about page on Twitch, too.

TenZ keyboard is actually the black version. The Xfrty compact model he uses is usually available in either black or white color options.

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