Top 10 Gaming Chair Brands Redefining Comfort and Style

Gaming chairs have become an essential part of the gaming setup, providing comfort, support, and style for long gaming sessions. With the increasing demand for ergonomic seating options, numerous companies have entered the market with their innovative gaming chair designs. In this article, we will explore the top 10 gaming chair brands, their origins, headquarters, … Read more

SkullCandy PLYR 1 Gaming Headset Review

Skullcandy – not content with producing flashy looking headphones, are now producing gaming-centric headsets. The PLYR 1 Gaming Headset is a product made for most gamers, whether you’re into your PC gaming, or any of the main consoles, including the PS4 and Xbox One. If you read my recent review of their SLYR product, I … Read more

Xbox Series S Console Review [2022 Edition]

Project Lockhart was the code name for a console that would challenge the definition of what is next generation. An affordable, powerful, and feature-rich console designed to break through modern-day pricing barriers. It sounded like an absolute myth until one fine day Microsoft officially announced the Xbox Series S. Shocking practically everyone, Microsoft dared to … Read more

HyperX Cloud Flight S Review: Win or Bust for the HyperX Brand?

HyperX is a household name in the PC space. Over the years, I’ve been fortunate enough to review and purchase many of their products. Whether it’s the awesome lineage of Kingston memory, their slick-looking Pudding Keycaps, or their bang-for-the-buck microphones- they’re my go-to when it comes to quality. With respect to headsets, I’ve always been … Read more

Overwatch Game Review

Overwatch is one of the few team-based shooters on the market with a few falling short of popularity and one of the few available on all systems (except the Switch). The game is centered around team comps, but it also gives you the opportunity to change characters whenever you are in your spawn room. This … Read more

Rainbow Six: Siege Game Review 2022

Rainbow Six Siege, much like another one of our favorite shooters is probably the most unique competitive shooters released in the passed five years. Obviously, my favorite shooter to ever be released is Overwatch and you can read how we felt about that here. Rainbow Six Siege isn’t just another installment in the Rainbow Six … Read more