Battlefield 5 Review: Is it Worth a Play?

If you have ever played an FPS you have at least heard of the Battlefield series. Battlefield took the market in the early 2010’s with having a destructible map which wasn’t seen in the popular shooters like Halo or Call of Duty. Battlefield takes on a more realistic approach to shooting games (as realistic as possible anyway). The game itself features a variety of customization that you may be familiar with if you have played previous titles or games such as Call of Duty. Is Battlefield 5 worth buying though? Let’s find out.


Battlefield 5 feels clunky, but in reality it is not. The game is meant to be clunky. Aiming is difficult and I loved that aspect. In Star Wars Battlefront, CoD, and Halo aiming felt a bit too easy. While you can easily just spray and pray in any shooting game and get some kills the kills you actually need to aim for are earned. This was the first shooter that I actually elected to play the Sniper role, and I loved it. I was able to actually hit headshots and the game gives a more realistic aspect to “War” with the Conquest mode. While I hate campers I do like it in games that are war-based.

Similar to Battlefront and Call of Duty: World at War you can set up shop and actually BE a sniper. It is great. World at War’s mode wasn’t as polished as Battlefield 5’s is and that is a huge plus. Battlefield 5 makes you feel like you are in combat at all times, and that no one and no where is safe. Getting shot can be absolutely devastating and you have the option to recover from that or heal yourself in the heat of the moment. If you go down your team mates can actually come and revive you much like how it is in Battle Royales. I was always skeptical of Battlefield as a whole and this is the first installment I have played, but wow, I regret not starting sooner.

I was always a Halo kid and after I fell out of love with Halo, Overwatch basically took over, now I am wondering if Battlefield will be my new muse. The aiming in Battlefield 5 leaves absolutely no room for errors. You will either get the shoot or fail miserably. The hitboxes on the enemies seem pretty standard and I never felt like I was truly missing my headshots. I knew exactly which ones would hit and which ones would miss horribly. The hip fire and aiming down the sights on machine guns is actually really hard to shoot accurately. Your character basically bobbleheads shoots when shooting, which again adds to the realistic nature of the game. This makes 1 on 1 engagements much more difficult, but not impossible to win. if you control your shots and avoid wasting a whole magazine just to take one enemy out you should do fine.

Online Play

To start Battlefield you play a mini tutorial that plays into the campaign, so there is no avoiding that. After you finish the mini tutorial you can jump straight into Online play. I already talked about their War mode which is known as Conquest.

The map has 64 players on it (34v34) and you definitely feel like you’re on a Battlefield (pun intended). The other game modes are pretty much what you get out of most other shooters, but are still unique to the game. Team Deathmatch is normally the most popular of all the game modes as the objective is pretty simple, kill the enemy more than they kill you. I’m pretty biased toward Conquest so I will leave the game modes up to you to find out, and you tell me what your favorite is in the comment section.

HGG’s Review

Battlefield 5 is a brilliant game. With stunning visuals and realistic play styles, you can’t go wrong with this game. The aiming is way more difficult than what I am used to, but I love that. The modes gives you plenty of options so you aren’t bored of the same ole same ole. Battlefield 5 has unique characteristics that you will need to find out for yourself. I absolutely recommend this game, if you haven’t played it yet then you are definitely missing out on an amazing game.

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