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Final Fantasy XV’s food looks better than it deserves to

Final Fantasy Sean

Here at Hangry Gamer Gear, we know all about what it means to be hungry while you game, and sometimes, in between snack breaks, you want to hold out for just a little while longer while your stomach angrily begs for your attention. Final Fantasy XV, however, only makes this struggle worse by making the food looking way better than it deserves to.

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How Animal Crossing Helps Me Cope with Depression

Animal Crossing Mental Health Sean

Like many others, depression is an obstacle I face with each day to day task such as work, writing, and even getting out of bed in the morning. Video games have been a way for me to escape from the dark days and step into a world that is more, for lack of a better world, light. There hasn’t been a game that has helped me with those dark days more than Animal Crossing. Animal Crossing is the game of life, but more simple and much cuter. In Animal Crossing, you move into a new town and meet several animals...

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Without pandering to fans, Wreck-It Ralph is one of the best video game films

disney Sean wreck it ralph

Movies about “video games” have been done often as well with titles like Ready Player One, Stay Alive, and even The Wizard, but none of them have captured the true wonder of video games without feeling like pandering quite like Wreck-It Ralph has.

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Fortnite never took itself seriously, and that’s why it’s still popular

fortnite Sean

Fortnite has become a sensation. But, why has Fortnite succeeded while so many other Battle Royale titles can only dream to bring in as many players? This is largely in part to Fortnite’s free-to-play model and just as importantly, the ability to not take itself seriously.

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Fallout 76’s choice between a good Fallout game or a good online game

Fallout 76 sean

Now that it’s been in the hands of players for a while, the new Fallout game, Fallout 76, has finally received a fair share of reviews. Unfortunately, reviews have not been favorable for the dwellers from Vault 76. This new entry in the Fallout series didn’t leave a mark, and some even considered it to be “bad,” but did it have to be?

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