Cayde Shot First, and how Destiny helped save my life

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One of our most recent products we added is the Cayde Shot First design. It's one I'm personally fond of. Most people can relate to the fact that Cayde-6 is one of the most loved characters in the game.

It's no secret, that the major and game changing plot line for Destiny 2's upcoming release of Forsaken (amazon) has shaken the entire destiny community - and brought many, many people back to the game, all with the unified goal of teabagging Uldren for doing this:

While this is an amazing way to drive people in droves back to Destiny, I think the reason it deeply affects me, and probably other people as well, is because as a Day 1 Destiny 1 player, Destiny's been a huge part of the last 4 years of my life - including some of the worst part of it.

I personally struggle with mental health issues that have been crippling over the years and along with some of the poorer choices I used to cope with how I was feeling, Destiny was one of the better ones.

I was in a clan of Dad's - the Dads of Destiny. It was a group of guys that had the same struggles - kids screaming in the background, sleepless nights - all of that great stuff that comes with having a family. It was the ultimate no judgement zone. "Hang on, gotta change my kids diaper" was a common pre-raid statement.

All that being said, Destiny was a place to go to when the real darkness came - and along with my family, is, and was a huge contributing factor to while I'm still here today to share this with you.

Which brings me back to Cayde-6. He's part of that family. He's a character in a world that I love - and it's very possible this death is permanent - and that he's not coming back.

Anything's possible in a video game, including Cayde-6 coming back - that's the beauty of space magic. But I have to hand it to Bungie - this event has ensured that I've geared up for the fight of my life in both the real world and in Destiny, and you can bet I believe that Cayde put up a hell of a fight before his light was extinguished.

If  you or someone you know is struggling emotionally or having a hard time,  there is help available. Be safe. 


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