Fallout 76 and the player’s quest to craft their own narrative

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The idea to make the next Fallout title, Fallout 76, a multiplayer experience is bold. This game will go from a single-player, narrative and exploration driven experience to one focused almost entirely on interacting with other players, but that doesn’t mean that narrative can be thrown out of the window. Until now, the Fallout series has had a strict, rich lore with each of its titles, with all of the Vaults having their own unique story as well as a world with iconic groups such as the Brotherhood of steel. As an inhabitant of one of the first vaults to open to the wasteland, it’ll be up to you to craft the story.

While devoid of typical human NPCs (after all, the war hasn’t been over for long), quests will be given by robots instead. These quests will involve cooperation from other players in the area. Similar to other MMOs, your progress is saved to a server and you are dedicated to that server. According to Todd Howard, there will be dozens of players on your server, and if Ark: Survival Evolved ever taught me anything, more players, more chaos.

Being one of the first humans to step out of the vaults, your group is responsible for shaping the worlds we see in the original Fallout and beyond. With friends you can do additional quests, build settlements, or cause trouble. There is even a system that encourages taking revenge on players that have interfered with your survival. With the game data being on a dedicated server instead of your console, the world theoretically never ends.

This means that your own personal narrative, created with just a simple group of people, will continue as you sleep. However, unlike games such as Ark: Survival Evolved, dying is not the end of your narrative. Your character will keep their leveling progress and stats, as well as prominent items. The only thing you will lose when dying to a monster out in the wild is junk. This junk can easily be obtained again, but if you die from another player’s hands, you’ll lose bottlecaps as well.

These interactions, building, taking on other players, destroying their property, are all elements of a larger personal narrative. This is something that games like Ark understand slightly, and it’s something Fallout 76 will embrace. There will be a quest system on the side, but nothing will beat forming alliances and crushing other players bullying your team on the server.

Fallout 76 will be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on November 14th, 2018. It will server as a prequel to the series and will be multiplayer only. To gear up for its launch, we have special Fallout 76 apparel and accessories.

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