Final Fantasy XV’s food looks better than it deserves to

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Here at Hangry Gamer Gear, we know all about what it means to be hungry while you game, and sometimes, in between snack breaks, you want to hold out for just a little while longer while your stomach angrily begs for your attention. Final Fantasy XV, however, only makes this struggle worse by making the food looking way better than it deserves to.

In order for Noctis to chow down on the realistic-looking food, it has to be prepared by Ignis Scientia. In Final Fantasy XV, Ignis learns more recipes by eating new foods at restaurants, creepily watching NPCs eat new foods at restaurants, or by reading signs and posters of said foods from around the world. But, besides looking good, do these foods have a sense of purpose?

After Noctis chows down on the ultra high-definition food, he earns a buff such as an increase in attack power until sundown. This gives players a reason to search for more recipes to see what exactly the other buffs could be. But, there is a confusing depth when one were to think about why the food looks so good in the game.

Final Fantasy XV was in development for nearly ten years through various scrapped concepts and changes. Upon release on PS4 and Xbox One, fans were disappointed in the game. The story appeared to be incomplete, but the world was overwhelmingly beautiful. The food is example of this polish where it wasn’t needed. Sure it looks good, but is that where the focus should have been?
With Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition adding much needed content and other DLC episodes including Episode Ignis, the game feels a little more complete. This didn’t stop the entire game from feeling rushed where it is important, and it is a bummer to sink more money into the game after an already hefty $60 launch price.

Final Fantasy XV looks beautiful, and the food only enhances the beauty of Square Enix’s crafted world. But, when the game feels incomplete at launch, the delicious looking desserts taste bittersweet.

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