How Capcom can use Resident Evil 2 REmake as a blueprint for the other PS1 titles

E3 Resident Evil Sean

It’s difficult to doubt how impressive the REmake of Resident Evil 2 is looking. Per the E3 and Gamescom demos of the game, Resident Evil 2 is shaping up to take everything that was great about the original game’s world and enhance it in terms of both gameplay and theme. If successful, Capcom says that a REmake of the original REmake may not be “too laughable.”

The remake of Resident Evil 2 is completely changing Leon and Claire’s scenarios, making them their own full respective stories. For those that have not played the original game, each character had two scenarios, A and B. Leon A happened at the same time as Claire B, while Claire A, as similar as it was with Leon A, happened at the same time as Leon B. This is unlike the first Resident Evil and its REmake, where choosing either Chris or Jill featured the same story with little interacting with the other character.

Making another REmake of the first game could give players the opportunity to explore the mansion in a completely different way, creating an exciting A-B scenario type of situation again. It was cool seeing why certain things happened in Resident Evil 2, and it’d be cool to see the same care put into the first Resident Evil. If they wanted to keep Chris and Jill’s stories the same, they could even switch things up by giving Barry and Rebecca the B scenario treatment. We’d not only learn more about the incident at the mansion in the Arklay mountains, but we’d learn more about Barry and Rebecca as well.

But, why stop there? Resident Evil 3: Nemesis was unique in the regard that players only had the choice to play as Jill. However, later on in the game, players had to assume the role of a new character, the mercenary known as Carlos. Instead of having Carlos only be played for a brief moment while Jill is incapacitated, Capcom could give Carlos his own scenario, giving much-need love to an incredibly un-represented character. We’d also get to see more about what happened with the other survivors in Racoon City.

Resident Evil 2’s REmake is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated horror titles of 2019. It will be released on January 25th, 2019.

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