Red Dead Redemption 2's Large file size and larger ambitions

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Red Dead Redemption 2’s file size appears to have been revealed. For players eager to roam around the wild west, they will have to be prepared to install 105GB for the game. This isn’t including a day one patch that is all-too common with modern AAA games. Could this be a result of Rockstar Games’ ambition, or a way to push more of the cost onto players?

You have to be hog-wild to deny that Red Dead Redemption 2’s visuals aren’t amazing. Every texture, model, and lighting choices make the world come to life in what is definitely Rock Star Games’ most beautiful looking game to date. It’s the first time they’ve fully embraced the graphical capabilities of the PlayStation 4 Pro and the Xbox One X. This comes at a high price, of course, and that’s one that the consumers will have to bare. According to the information on the back of the box of a PlayStation 4 bundle with the game, it will require a hefty 105GB installation. This could be space to include both the game and the highly ambitious 32 player Red Dead Online service.

As they’re finally embracing the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X, the large file size is understandable. Uncompressed, the textures alone could take a huge chunk of the game. If they want the game to look as beautiful as they can, they had to throw out any idea of limiting the size of the game. Decompressing a game takes an incredible amount of power, and that’s something that could hinder performance in favor of a better gameplay experience. That isn’t to say that the game isn’t compressed still, because it most likely is to some degree. Even so, there are different ways to lower a game’s file size.

For example, 2015’s The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt shaved off several GB by having most of the language options completely optional. To have these, you simply went online and downloaded them. This wouldn’t reduce the game significantly, but it’d be a start.

Rockstar Games unfortunately has pushed the harddrive-size woes on the customer in the recent past. L.A. Noire on the Nintendo Switch, despite being $10 more expensive than other versions of the game, required a 14GB download for the game. This could have been avoided if they opted to use a 32GB card, but they’re decided to push that cost on the consumer instead. For this, it seems clear that Rockstar Games doesn’t care too much about how much space your system has to dedicate their games for.

This doesn’t mean that Red Dead Redemption 2 is going to be a bad game. Far from it, in fact, as the ambition might pay off in the end. Red Dead Redemption 2 will be released on October 26th, 2018 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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