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Destiny 2: Forsaken's Gambit's inner struggle of helping your teammate vs being a jerk

Destiny Gambit Sean

With the launch of Destiny 2’s latest expansion, Forsaken, the online-based shooter focused on cooperation will be getting a new competitive/co-op mode, Gambit. In Gambit, two teams of four start in their own respective realms and defeat enough enemies and deposit motes to summon a primeval. At several points during the match, a portal will open up to the other team’s realm. From here, a member of the team has the opportunity to seamlessly enter their realm and attempt to take out as many players as they can. This mix of competitiveness and co-op creates an interesting dynamic for two...

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Cayde Shot First, and how Destiny helped save my life

Cayde-6 Destiny Mental Health Mitch

One of our most recent products we added is the Cayde Shot First design. It's one I'm personally fond of. Most people can relate to the fact that Cayde-6 is one of the most loved characters in the game.

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