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Fallout 76’s choice between a good Fallout game or a good online game

Fallout 76 sean

Now that it’s been in the hands of players for a while, the new Fallout game, Fallout 76, has finally received a fair share of reviews. Unfortunately, reviews have not been favorable for the dwellers from Vault 76. This new entry in the Fallout series didn’t leave a mark, and some even considered it to be “bad,” but did it have to be?

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Fallout 76 and the player’s quest to craft their own narrative

Fallout 76 Sean

The idea to make the next Fallout title, Fallout 76, a multiplayer experience is bold. This game will go from a single-player, narrative and exploration driven experience to one focused almost entirely on interacting with other players, but that doesn’t mean that narrative can be thrown out of the window. Until now, the Fallout series has had a strict, rich lore with each of its titles, with all of the Vaults having their own unique story as well as a world with iconic groups such as the Brotherhood of steel. As an inhabitant of one of the first vaults to...

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