Without pandering to fans, Wreck-It Ralph is one of the best video game films

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It’s almost hard to believe that Wreck-It Ralph came out over six years ago. When it was released, it was preceded by a myriad of terrible game adaptations, many of which took creative liberties in a way to appeal to a mass audience. Movies about “video games” have been done often as well with titles like Ready Player One, Stay Alive, and even The Wizard, but none of them have captured the true wonder of video games without feeling like pandering quite like Wreck-It Ralph has.

While Fix-It Felix isn’t an actual arcade game, it has all of the hallmarks of an 80’s game, down to its single color-coded character. In the world of Wreck-It Ralph, all of the games in the arcade are connected, with the characters in these games often hanging out “after work.” When gaming is targeted towards the general audience in films, it’s often played up in extremes, using stereotypes such as the basement dweller as the one playing the game, or the neglectful teenager. However, most of the players in Wreck-It Ralph are kids in an arcade.

The most impressive feat, however, is how Wreck-It Ralph manages to use popular gaming icons in cameo appearances without it feeling like pandering to the fans. At the beginning of the film, Ralph sits with other villains (and Zangief for some reason), all of whom are from popular franchises. Afterwards, you’re shown the arcade, which has classics such as Pac-Man, Tapper, and even Q*Bert himself making an appearance. Wreck-It Ralph only uses these characters to build its world, as these characters stop being the focus very quickly.

Instead, we’re shown the games of original characters, which are based off of popular games in the arcades today. Hero’s Duty is a first-person military shooter, and Sugar Rush is a cutesy racing game similar to Mario Kart. This works because they are inspired by popular games, not because they’re recognizable icons. Wreck-It Ralph took everything we loved about videogames and crafted a whimsical world. Funny enough, after six years and a sequel, Wreck-It Ralph has become an icon himself.

To celebrate our love for gaming and Wreck-It Ralph, we have a new design inspired by Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2. Show everyone where you belong, a place called Slaughter Race.

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