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Spyro the Dragon is an early example of an intimate experience in gaming

Sean Spyro

With Spyro Reignited Trilogy being released, I decided to take a look at the first Spyro game on the PlayStation, Spyro the Dragon.

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How Portal 2 "opened the portal" to Cross-Platform play

Portal Sean

If there’s one thing (among many) Fortnite has successfully achieved in its reign as the top battle royale game of all time, it’s an incredibly wide player base across different systems. More miraculously, players on any system are able to play together in a large triumph of cross-platform play. Sony was the last to be on board with their system connecting with other systems this generation, but did you know that they are responsible for one of the big steps in pushing cross-platform play to where it is today? In the early 2000s, online play on consoles was only just beginning...

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Pac-Man is one of the first survival horror games

Pacman Sean Survival Horror

Hear me out when I say this. Pac-Man is one of the first survival horror games. Looking back on it for its 30th anniversary, Pac-Man has almost every element that can make up the titularly terrifying genre baked into its core. While it’s unlikely that we’ll ever see a realistic ‘M’ rated jumpscare-filled rendition of Pac-Man (nor should we ever), if we break down the elements of the genre, we can find that Pac-Man is fit to a T.

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Dying in Dark Souls is not a “Game Over”

The first Dark Souls remains one of the finest examples of tough-as-nails action RPGs. If you’re playing through it for the first time, you should expect to die often. However, unlike death being the end-all possibility of a character’s timeline like other RPGs, the world of Dark Souls, rich with lore, embraces death, and shows that it’s not the end of your history.

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The best way to party in a Super Mario Party isn’t to win

Mario Party Nintendo Switch Sean

The true spirit of Mario Party, as I quickly learned in this moment, isn’t to try to win. It’s to cause as much chaos as you can. After all, Mario Party is chaos incarnate. Even though I only had two stars, even though he could have taken the game there, he decided to steal a star from me. My friend had a vendetta against me, and the baffling move created a hilarious tension that wouldn’t be possible if everyone was taking the game seriously.

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