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The Original Silent Hill Didn’t Need Jumpscares to be Scary

Sean Silent Hill Spoopy

As a Halloween tradition, many gamers like to go back and play some of their favorite horror-themed games. Arguably, one of the most popular series in the survival horror genre has is Silent Hill, and the first game is a perfect example of how a game can be terrifying without relying in jumpscares.

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How Super Smash Bros. can add its most mind-blowing character

Nintendo Switch Sean Super Smash Bros

As fans speculate on the next Nintendo Direct featuring a new fighter for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, it’s clear that the fighter-reveals are winding down. There are a few modes we still don’t know of, and the removal of the “new” tag on Isabelle from the official website and the addition of an unlisted video in the Japanese fighter playlist leaves everyone to believe that something is coming soon. But besides of a reveal of Geno, Banjo-Kazooie, or Minecraft Steve for Super Smash Bros, there is one more character that can be more shocking while still being justifiable, and that...

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Two core elements that won’t be in the Monster Hunter film

Monster Hunter World Sean

Earlier this week, Capcom made an official announcement that Paul W.S Anderson would be writing a directing a Monster Hunter film. To celebrate this news, I decided to take a look at what made Monster Hunter great to begin with, and wonder if a film could even live up to the hype, especially with the popularity of Monster Hunter World. 

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Red Dead Redemption 2's Large file size and larger ambitions

Red Dead Redemption Sean

Red Dead Redemption 2’s file size appears to have been revealed. For players eager to roam around the wild west, they will have to be prepared to install 105GB for the game. This isn’t including a day one patch that is all-too common with modern AAA games. Could this be a result of Rockstar Games’ ambition, or a way to push more of the cost onto players?

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Fallout 76 and the player’s quest to craft their own narrative

Fallout 76 Sean

The idea to make the next Fallout title, Fallout 76, a multiplayer experience is bold. This game will go from a single-player, narrative and exploration driven experience to one focused almost entirely on interacting with other players, but that doesn’t mean that narrative can be thrown out of the window. Until now, the Fallout series has had a strict, rich lore with each of its titles, with all of the Vaults having their own unique story as well as a world with iconic groups such as the Brotherhood of steel. As an inhabitant of one of the first vaults to...

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