FFXIV Online Review: An MMO Still Worth Playing Today?

Final Fantasy XIV Online is a MMORPG set in none other than the Final Fantasy universe. The game plays like most classic MMOs and the combat system was pretty easy to learn. The classes in the game were my biggest draw as they are much more unique than most of the other MMOs I have played in the past. The game’s UI could use some improvement, but that is pretty minor once you get accustomed to it.

Story So Far

The beginning of the game is pretty simple, other than the opening credits (no spoilers). Essentially you are trying to become an adventurer. You want all the glory the game has to offer you. In the beginning, you will be able to pick a specific class that you can actually later switch if you feel you need to. Your class will play a role in your story and you will be “trained” by your classes guild master. You will be doing some odd quests to learn how to play your class.

Final Fantasy Online Classes

Classes in Final Fantasy are unlike anything I have seen. I have played many MMOs from World of Warcraft, which you can read more about by clicking on the link, to Guild Wars 2. Each game had its own unique characteristics. My main issue was I always felt the class systems were limited. Rift had my absolute favorite system, but it failed to find the right audience.

Final Fantasy Online has a bevy of classes and only three revolve around magic. Three are melee based, and the last one is an archer. I will say that it took absolutely everything in me not to pick the Archer, but I have overdone archer classes since I started playing MMOS. The interesting thing about Final Fantasy Online is that the classes can be expanded upon. This ability reminded me of Rift, but with a little less customization.

Here’s a quick list of the Final Fantasy Base Classes in no particular order.

Gladiator: Your typical sword and shield melee class

Marauder: The marauder plays more like Warriors from other fantasy games you may be used to and after a certain level you have the ability to change into a “Warrior”

Conjurer: Plays like a typical sorcerer, but has the ability to become a white mage which is a healing class.

Arcanist: Which if you are familiar with fantasy games plays similar to a mage.

Thaumaturge: Is another base spell caster that eventually turn into a black mage.

Archer: Typically the most beloved class. You get the ability to shoot long-range using a bow and arrow.

Pugilist: Ever wanted to punch and kick your enemies? The pugilist will let you live out your Dragon Ball Z fantasy and beat your foes with the power of sheer violence.

Lancer: My personal favorite. The lancer uses a spear as their primary weapon. Typically more agile and uses devastating blows to take down enemies.

There is far more to the class system than what I have placed above, but that will give you a general idea. There is something for everyone within Final Fantasy Online. If you like healing then I suggest picking a spell caster as that seems to be the only support class I could find. If you like being a fast and agile fighter then I highly recommend the Lancer as it is the most unique, but the Archer gives you the ability to be a Bard.

There is also a Rogue/Ninja class but that requires level 30 so I did not feel it was appropriate to touch on in this Article the same goes for the Dark Knight which is also available at level 30. Finally if you love being a behemoth of a fighter then I recommend the other Melee classes such as the Gladiator, Pugilist, or Marauder.

What I absolutely love about this game is the fact that you CAN change your classes. What a unique function to add to an MMO. It is similar to the way you can change Javelins in Anthem, and if you want to read more about that click on our Anthem Review link to find out more. Being able to have the same character, but interchangeable classes lead to a large variety of options. These options could be overwhelming as I will always be second-guessing my choice, but nevertheless, theory crafting is the best part of any MMO.

Game Play

The Combat system in Final Fantasy is like most RPGs. You have your character that you control from a third-person angle and you have a set number of abilities. That you could potentially click on but I definitely do not recommend that. Click is much slower in MMOs and you will want to keybind your abilities.

I have personally used a Razer Naga since 2014 click the link to find out more about the Razer Naga Trinity or check out down below, that mouse has lasted me longer than most other peripherals and it was the main reason we decided to become affiliated with Razer. The transition into combat is incredibly smooth and the animations are great to watch. What I found was that the game lacked an auto attack function, but that may have been my settings. I liked the ability for the combos on the Lancer and that one attack can greatly enhance the damage on another attack.

HGG Review

Final Fantasy Online plays like an absolute dream. The game is intuitive and you get to create your character exactly how you want them. My only gripe as of right now is the UI, I feel that the UI is pretty clunky and lacks easily accessible features that I have grown accustomed to. This is a minor issue, but can play a big role for convenience’s sake. I cannot emphasize enough how great the class system of Final Fantasy Online and the combat system matches a typical fantasy RPG.

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