Halo Infinite Disruptor Guide for New and Veteran Players

The Disruptor in Halo Infinite is an oddity when compared to other weapons in the game.

It’s an electric-powered killing and disruption machine when it’s used correctly.

Halo Infinite Disruptor

Halo Infinite Disruptor: Pros and Cons

When it comes to anti-personnel it’s not exactly the best gun in the game, but if you’ve got precise aim it certainly isn’t the worst.

A few shots with the Halo Infinite disruptor not only breaks shields, but completely eliminates an enemy target in rather quick fashion.

Land a couple shots on an enemy vehicle and you’ll find that the Disruptor is also an insanely useful, EMP-like device that can disable a Wraith, Warthog, Banshee, and so on with ease.

The issue with this little powerhouse pistol is the ammo.

A fully-loaded Disruptor typically only has 30 rounds to expend.

Each magazine blows through 10 rounds. For a skilled player this is enough to kill off around 2 enemies or, alternatively, disable around 2 to 3 vehicles.

Your secondary weapon choice is vital here if you decide to rock Halo Infinite’s Disruptor as your primary.

Personally, I’d recommend the Sidekick (the human-grade, standard-issue pistol) if you’re good with landing headshots.

Once you’ve depleted the ammo with the Disruptor or are in the midst of battle and need a reload, a quick swap to the pistol and a few taps of the trigger is an easy way to finish off an opponent.

If you’re at more of a distance from your foe, though, you’ll want to have a mid to long range weapon on standby instead.

Halo Infinite Disruptor Uses

The Disruptor is a Promethean weapon in the Halo series, known for its ability to destabilize energy shields and interfere with electronic systems.

Disruptor in Halo Infinite

Here’s a basic guide to using the Disruptor in Halo Infinite:

Disruptor Overview:

  1. Primary Fire: EMP Shot
    • The Disruptor’s primary function is to fire EMP shots that can temporarily disable energy shields and vehicles. It’s especially effective against shields, making it a useful tool for taking down enemy Spartans.
  2. Secondary Fire: NONE
    • Non-applicable.

Tips for Using the Disruptor:

  1. Anti-Shield Weapon:
    • The Disruptor is most effective against energy shields. Use it to quickly bring down the shields of enemy Spartans before switching to a different weapon to finish them off.
  2. Vehicle Disabling:
    • The Disruptor is also useful against vehicles, as it can temporarily disable their systems, making them vulnerable to other attacks. Coordinate with your team to take down vehicles more efficiently.
  3. Charged Shots for Extra Impact:
    • Experiment with charged shots for increased damage and longer EMP effects. A well-timed charged shot can be devastating, especially in team-based modes.
  4. Combo Attacks:
    • Use the Disruptor in combination with other weapons or abilities to maximize its effectiveness. For example, combine a Disruptor shot with a quick melee attack or a grenade toss to quickly eliminate an enemy.
  5. Map Awareness:
    • Be aware of the map and your surroundings. Position yourself strategically to take advantage of the Disruptor’s EMP effects, especially in tight spaces or areas with frequent vehicle movement.
  6. Ammunition Management:
    • Keep an eye on your ammo count, as the Disruptor may have limited shots before needing to reload. Make each shot count, and consider picking up additional Disruptor weapons or swapping to another weapon when needed.

Remember that the effectiveness of weapons and their characteristics can change with updates, so always stay informed about the latest changes in the game.

Check official patch notes, community forums, or in-game information for the most up-to-date details on the Disruptor in Halo Infinite.

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