Rainbow Six: Siege Game Review 2022

Rainbow Six Siege, much like another one of our favorite shooters is probably the most unique competitive shooters released in the passed five years. Obviously, my favorite shooter to ever be released is Overwatch and you can read how we felt about that here. Rainbow Six Siege isn’t just another installment in the Rainbow Six franchise. It is on a whole other level than the previous games. 6 years ago if you would have mentioned Rainbow Six I wouldn’t have thought much other than it’s just another shooter. Rainbow Six Siege is much more than that. Find out what some pros and cons of Rainbow Six Siege.


The game basically revolves around tactics. Using the proper character and setting up the proper defense or offense will make or break your match. The fact that you have the ability to set up walls, traps, and reinforce high traffic areas just add to the allure of the game.

Each character has a unique set of skills that will give you the edge over your opponents. From turrets to smoke traps the sky is the limit in Rainbow Six Siege. I promise you that you will want a good quality pair of headphones because sound is half the battle in this match and you will want to hear your opponent before they hear you. If you don’t already have a pair click this link or we will link a good pair that we are affiliated with down below.

Game Play

Rainbow Six Siege plays like most other classic shooting games. The controls are fast paced and a lack of aim will get you heavily punished. The biggest difference I think that Siege offers is the objective. While most ranked FPS games have an objective that doesn’t just revolve around getting more kills than the other team, Rainbow Six’s objective in both casual and ranked have you defending a key point. The objective is normally a stationary target like a bomb you would have to diffuse or a hostage (which could be shot).

This means that defense really needs to play correctly or they risk losing the whole match. There are two ways to win in Siege, kill all your opponents or save the objective. In Siege there are a certain number of rounds and you only get one life per round. My main issue with the game is the ability to shoot your team mate. While this may seem like it adds to the tactical side of things it can also give griefers and trolls something to entertain themselves with. Team killing can be a big issue in games, I remember when Fortnite had it and your team mates would just shoot your for fun or your loot. As far as friendly fire goes I am not a huge fan.

You can also find a tactical advantage by playing the right operator. Operators are the names of the characters you play much like legends, champions or heroes in other games they each have unique abilities. Operator loadouts are limited and each gets a primary weapon, a secondary and some kind of gadget.

On top of the loadouts each operator gets a specific ability that helps them in battle and each ability is unique to that operator. The other thing to note is that there are two classifications of Operators there are defenders and attackers which would be used depending on which side of the map you end up on.


I personally have not played a whole lot of ranked Siege play, but here are a few key features for you. First of all you need to be level 20 which means if you are new to the game you should be actively learning and attempting to learn strategies for when you do enter ranked.

In ranked the games are based on a best of 5 to determine the true champion and like all game’s you are ranked based on overall team performance. Which means you want to be a team player to help boost that rank of yours. Siege uses a similar ranking system to most games with copper being the lowest and diamond being the highest. This means that there are not as many tiers that you have to climb, but that means that the middle tiers are that much more competitive. Doing well in your 10 placement matches will yield better results and increase your overall rank for that season.


Siege is absolutely one of the most dominant FPS when it comes to eSports. Just recently Siege has hosted their tournament, the R6 Invitational, and the number of people watching was a steady 80,000. This game is far from dying and the community loves watching the competitive aspect of Rainbow Six Siege. The winner of the R6 Invitational is G2 eSports and this is their second win in a row! If you are an avid eSports fan then I highly recommend checking out their twitch at some point.

HGG Review

Rainbow Six Siege is an absolute monster of a game. From finding the tactical advantage to eSports there is something for everyone. My two biggest gripes are the fact that you have to unlock operators, which I hate for a paid game. The second would be the ability to team kill, it does not take much for a troll to kill your team and lose you the match for no reason. Other than that the game is absolutely phenomenal.

If you like eSports then you have an avid fan base to join and there will always be content for you to consume. Even more so if you wanted to go pro at least you know there is some kind of reward for it. The games casual and competitive gives you enough of an adrenaline rush to keep you from utter boredom. Truly Rainbow Six Siege has something for everyone.

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